Revolutionary blockchain concept for construction project management

BuildBlox is the brainchild of Invennt in collaboration with enterprise-grade blockchain middleware provider, Finboot. Together the two businesses are developing a revolutionary new technology concept that promises to transform construction management and with it the fortunes of an industry beset by shrinking margins and mounting risks.

As the world's leading specialist business consultancy for construction, Invennt is acutely aware of the problems construction businesses face and understand that the root cause is frequently a lack of control over projects due to the organisational structures of businesses in the industry. Structures that, while necessary due to the complexity and scale of construction projects, often result in control slipping away from the board towards project teams and their supply chain.

BuildBlox aims to solve these problems using flexible rules-based middleware that can connect disparate systems, align incentives and enforce a common set of rules among internal teams and supply chain partners. Enabling the c-suite to reassert control over internal accounting, governance and the entire construction process.

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